The Buzz about Bev

Samples of unsolicited love from my clients –
can’t wait for you to join the conversation!
(I’m not a great fan of solicited testimonials – don’t love being asked to write them myself, that’s why. Instead, I’m offering you a sample of real love and progress notes from my clients during or after our coaching together).

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I am doing fabulously!  Loved our coaching session – thank you for giving me so much of your time!  It completely changed my thinking which has completely changed my situation – well I guess my situation didn’t change but my happiness level has skyrocketed – yippee!

Hey Bev! So I just had a green smoothie for breakfast…who would have thunk?? I’ve been thinking about what to write to you before we part. Firstly, thank you! Thank you for sharing your insights, your time, your interest, your knowledge, your patience, your fabulous energy… When I think about it, I’ve never even met you in person, which i find quite funny! I have gained so much from these last 6 weeks- a whole different way of looking at food and a closer look at myself and my relation to food. I don’t need as much food as I think. I am also trying to be more mindful, not just around food, but always. I’ve learnt not to have expectations, but rather to be in the moment. So I have so much to work with now and for that I thank you.

I just love your energy on our cleanse class calls – I’m smiling all the time, and your enthusiasm is contagious!

Thanks for the coaching, Bev. Sometimes I feel like I’m running in a circle, creating a cloud of dust along the way. You’ve helped me straighten out the path and see the beauty along the way!

Being with you proves that I am an absolute manifestor of AWESOME

Just wanted to say thank you for making this cleanse SO funny and doable. You are an amazing coach.  After almost 50 years of yo-yoing between diets, I feel as though the insanity is finally over. 

Your coaching has benefited me in so many ways.  I am enjoying every bite as you discussed and do feel full sooner. I really appreciated how you went out of your way to create an individual program for each of us. The greatest miracle of all is that you taught me that exercise is a gift to myself, to make my body healthy and strong and I continue to exercise 5 days a week, and my daughter sometimes joins me.

You taught me to think clearly, coach cleanly and live BIG!

I think you are an awesome amazing coach. Wow! Just listening to the 3 calls, I have learned SO much from the way you coach and approach things. So not only am I getting to my goal but learning more about coaching – feeling so abundant about this spend. I was being hard on myself because I spend so much on online courses, conferences etc etc but this is so worth it!

Things are very different with my relationship with food now too. Night and day, really.

I’m really proud of myself! It is almost effortless to choose the foods that I used to label “good.” They taste good, I know they will make me feel good, so I eat them. Looking back at my first week of journalling, there is so much less story now. It’s just food. I eat it, and move on. Food is really starting to become neutral. Thank you so much, Bev! I didn’t quite understand the concept of self love before I started working with you, but I get it now and I am excited about learning how to apply it in my life.

Thank you so so much its not normal how you have an answer for every thing and they actually work. I’ve been walking a lot lately.  And I love it. I’m really seeing a difference in my weight and I’m very excited. (this after one month of 1:1 coaching, in which she lost 20 lbs)

I am beyond grateful Bev.  Really, I have worked/seen working a lot of coaches…and you my friend, have star power.  really.

Thank you so much for speaking with me and for your email. It was very helpful and made me realize something:  I know (I really do) that our thoughts create our feelings and ultimately our reality, but if I don’t know what I’m thinking it’s hard to find something better. You helped me figure out what I’m believing and that was huge. I’ve found a lot of better thoughts about work since speaking with you.  Thank you very much for your time and insights. You’re excellent. (after a one hour coaching session)

Thank you. So very much!  You are brilliant.  You helped me find some awful, insidious thoughts.  Thank you  thank you  thank you.

“You quickly hit upon my “issues” with laser focus and related them to me succinctly, with no judgment or embellishment – just the facts as you see them – and I believe you see them clearly.”

“Normally, I would stop at Tim Hortons for a coffee and sweet.  However, today I asked myself if my body was hungry, and it wasn’t.  It was such a relief to be able to drive by without stopping, and proceed to shopping guilt free.  What a freeing feeling!”

“have you noticed, i have been “present” and aware of what goes into my mouth after the 1st few days of doing this journal, with your awesome comments leading me in the right direction.  i have not done one single bit of fog eating, which is a miraculous feat for me, but it was effortless.  one of your most profound lessons was that you don’t “cure” boredom (or any other emotional feeling) by eating!  you lean into it and deal with it, or you find another action, other than eating, to do instead.”

“Threw the rest of the cake and the strudel out this morning.  Laughed and thought of you while I did it.”

“I was very hungry this evening (probably a plus 4 or 5).  Thought very seriously about going through a drive thru since there was not prepared dinner at home.  I even took a driving route home that would lead me to the drive thru.  About 5 minutes before getting there, I thought about what I was feeling and what I really wanted.  Drove right past the drive through (didn’t stop), went home had a delicious salad, fiber bar and a bit of joy food.  I am very pleased with myself this evening.”

“Thank you for your generous, open spirit – you are a gifted coach.”

“I am finding the program we are learning and following with you a “BREATH OF FRESH AIR”.  I am so relieved not to be beating myself up about the food that I ate in the past (or even what I might eat today), the exercise program that I will put myself on (even though I may not FEEL THE BURN to be a success). The positive talk (without being too “out there” or “over the top” positive motivation) makes sense and makes me feel better about my success with this program and way of looking at life.”

“I am back on track in focus and feeling the joy of being.”

“you have given me a priceless gift, and i sincerely and enthusiastically thank you.”

“Thanks for the inspirational class, you are a true inspiration.”

“Thanks so much for yesterday.  I am really enjoying the classes and our discussions.  I am finding them very eye opening and are allowing me to delve really deeply into myself.”