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Do you blame your size for how you feel?

I’m speaking at a business event next week. I weigh 5 pounds more than my favourite weight. The weight I feel most comfortable in my own skin. I call it my natural weight – the size I feel like I … Continue reading

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You’ll feel so much better if you expect to be the size you are.

You know how it goes – you go shopping and you’re surprised that you’re a size 16 Even though you’ve been a size 16 for the past year. Or you pass a mirror and you’re shocked at the bulge around … Continue reading

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This one thing will eliminate your desire to binge

I coached a mom last week. She told me she binges when she’s doing something for her children. Especially when it’s unplanned or unexpected. Like when they forget their lunch and she drives it to them, eating cookies all the … Continue reading

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Your body knows how to lose weight permanently – all you have to do is listen.

We all know we must eat less in order to lose weight, right? There are two ways to do this: We can eat what someone else tells us is the right amount for our body’s needs, or we can eat … Continue reading

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Does it really matter what other people think?

I was at an event with my family on Saturday night. All dressed up and fancy. Fitted little black dress. Feeling quite hot, if the truth be told. We walked into a crowded room. Not many seats left. Had to … Continue reading

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Why can’t I stop thinking about my weight?

Many of my clients are highly successful professionally. They earn awards, promotions and  coveted projects. They tell me that all they can think about as they receive their recognition is how fat they are. They also tell me that they … Continue reading

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Can you be fat and amazing?

My last blog struck  a chord. I got tons of emails – women all over the world telling my they are sad AND amazing. My people. Choosing to be amazing no matter what. Here’s an even harder one for you: … Continue reading

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Why are you bingeing every Sunday?

Sue wrote to me after reading my latka blog: “Terrific blog Bev and I know exactly what you mean.  I was always starting a diet on Monday so Sunday was that last chance for me to eat that piece of … Continue reading

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So what if you will never have this food again?

My client is on vacation And she’s eating more than her body needs. She keeps thinking “I’ll never have this dessert again.” Which is probably true. She noticed that this fact has no effect on her children. Their attitude is … Continue reading

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How do you feel when someone flirts with you?

Or How comfortable are you with your sexuality? This is important because it may impact whether you’ll lose weight and, more importantly, whether you’ll maintain that weight loss or regain it. Today I realized how much I’ve changed. Rewind ten … Continue reading

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