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What would you achieve if you gave yourself no out?

Three weeks to my half marathon!!! (In case you missed the news, I’m doing a half marathon in Miami soon for a charity that is close to my heart.) THANK YOU to all of you who sponsored me – Ken … Continue reading

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People-pleasing can be hazardous to your waistline

Losing weight my way means you connect to your body and you learn how to nourish yourself with foods that truly fuel you. Foods that feel vitalizing and energizing. And you learn to choose to say no to foods that … Continue reading

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Do you ever eat because you’re lonely?

My client told me that she ate three chocolate bars because she was lonely. I asked her why she was feeling lonely. She told me that her husband was out of town, and had been travelling quite a bit lately. … Continue reading

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Your body knows how to lose weight permanently – all you have to do is listen.

We all know we must eat less in order to lose weight, right? There are two ways to do this: We can eat what someone else tells us is the right amount for our body’s needs, or we can eat … Continue reading

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How can I stop eating in the middle of a binge?

I just found out how today! The minute you notice that you’re eating too much Start to observe yourself Without judgement or opinion. Just notice. When we’re bingeing, our conscious mind has temporarily left our bodies. We’re in autopilot, doing … Continue reading

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Why do I keep eating when I’m uncomfortably full?

We reach for more food when we’ve eaten so much that we feel physically uncomfortable. We think that more food is what we want. Does this sound familiar to you? It comes up a lot in my coaching practice, so I’m … Continue reading

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Sugar? Stevia? Splenda? Agave? Sucanat?

I have fallen madly in love. Seven times last week. My new group. Every woman. Love them to death. So honoured that they are open to hope. So awed that they are trusting me to guide them to a different … Continue reading

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Why can’t I stop thinking about my weight?

Many of my clients are highly successful professionally. They earn awards, promotions and  coveted projects. They tell me that all they can think about as they receive their recognition is how fat they are. They also tell me that they … Continue reading

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Can you be fat and amazing?

My last blog struck  a chord. I got tons of emails – women all over the world telling my they are sad AND amazing. My people. Choosing to be amazing no matter what. Here’s an even harder one for you: … Continue reading

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What’s your type of treat?

I turned 49 today. Thanks to all of you for your birthday hugs. I truly felt them.| Here’s my heavenly day: Morning snuggles and cuddles in bed with various sized family members. Drooling over my new MacBook Air. Moksha yoga. … Continue reading

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