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Do you want to be exceptional?

My nephew, a serious, spiritual and religious teenager, and I were discussing his future. I have a soft spot for this kid –  he made me an aunt. He was accepted into a prestigious engineering program, and received permission to … Continue reading

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What thought barriers can you break today?

I love the story of the 4 minute mile Do you know it? Until 1954, no one was known to run a mile in under 4 minutes. All the fastest runners tried and tried and couldn’t do it. Until Roger … Continue reading

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How do you become a regular exerciser?

This may surprise you: It’s all in the language you use. Your wording influences how you feel. I spent the last two summers in Miami. The first week, I started swimming forty laps each day while my kids were playing. … Continue reading

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Got any stories that have outlived their ‘best by ‘ date?

YOU: Do you like your gym? ME: The best part of it is that it’s 2 minutes away. I can leave my house at 9.20 for a 9.30 class. If it was 5 minutes further, I just wouldn’t get there. … Continue reading

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Can you find the pause?

Can you find the pause between stimulus and response*? It’s important. Because this is what makes us human. Remember Pavlov? He convinced many psychologists that we go straight from stimulus to response. As in see food –> eat it get … Continue reading

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How can you be so happy all the time?

“Mommy, how can you be so happy all the time?” My seven year old asked me tonight. We’d been driving for about twelve hours home from our winter vacation in Florida (heavenly – thanks for asking). Her question surprised me. … Continue reading

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What can you do if you can’t make yourself feel better?

A woman I love dearly is badly burned. She was sleeping two nights ago and was woken, on fire. The extent of her burns is not yet established, but it’s not good. Her partner is dead. She is one of … Continue reading

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Is there ANYTHING you can’t decide to feel better about?

Found out last week that I have lice. First, they were found on two of my daughters at school. Then, Lina from Lice Squad came to check and de-lice the family. It’s me and the two youngest. Ugh. The nurse, … Continue reading

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Do you believe it’s easy to lose weight?

I do. I decided to believe that this morning. I gained a few pounds over the last month. I could come up with some valid excuses tons of house guests no routine a million kids to feed. But I know … Continue reading

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What are you thinking? And how’s it making you feel?

I had a good workout in Group Power today. Of my mind. My muscles, not so much unfortunately. My regular teacher was unexpectedly replaced By a woman who ran the class in slow motion. I spent the first ten minutes … Continue reading

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