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What are you thankful for?

Thanksgiving today. Thankful for fall colours a city that prioritizes well maintained ravine trails biking date with my husband brunch at School self-sufficient children love letters from courageous clients and students parents coming for dinner happy soccer sounds from the … Continue reading

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Got any rules you want to deconstruct today?

I went shopping for a bikini yesterday. Honestly. I never thought that would happen in this lifetime. It started with my upper arms. I had a rule that I couldn’t wear sleeveless tops because my upper arms were fat and … Continue reading

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How do you make sure you stick with your new exercise plan?

Laura* comes to hot yoga every day. Possibly twice a day – she’s there whichever class I go to. She’s out of shape and overweight. She doesn’t look like someone who exercises strenuously every day. And she doesn’t. Exercise strenuously. … Continue reading

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How can you be so happy all the time?

“Mommy, how can you be so happy all the time?” My seven year old asked me tonight. We’d been driving for about twelve hours home from our winter vacation in Florida (heavenly – thanks for asking). Her question surprised me. … Continue reading

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Is there ANYTHING you can’t decide to feel better about?

Found out last week that I have lice. First, they were found on two of my daughters at school. Then, Lina from Lice Squad came to check and de-lice the family. It’s me and the two youngest. Ugh. The nurse, … Continue reading

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What do you choose to love and appreciate today?

I kissed my reading glasses today. It’s a habit I’ve developed. Kind of embarrassing. I kiss things I love. Today my nephew bought me a stunning bottle of honey called “nude” – glass bottle, raw, unrefined, golden super eco, super trendy. … Continue reading

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