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Do you want to be exceptional?

My nephew, a serious, spiritual and religious teenager, and I were discussing his future. I have a soft spot for this kid –  he made me an aunt. He was accepted into a prestigious engineering program, and received permission to … Continue reading

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What will stop you from checking off that resolution?

I remember the year I decided to stop celebrating New Year’s Eve. I was a teenager on holiday in Cape Town and I didn’t have a boyfriend. At the time I thought this was because I was overweight. Now that … Continue reading

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Wanna know the third best weight loss secret in the universe?

Make every bite count. Actually, this may be the only weight loss secret you need. Seriously. I have to call it the third best, because I’ve already shared the first and second best, but this may eclipse them all. Make. … Continue reading

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What do you want to weigh in six months?

I love deciding what I want my future to look like. And then using the power of my mind to make it happen. The Grads and I have embraced a six month challenge. I turn 50 in February, and I … Continue reading

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