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Nine reasons to join tomorrow’s Cleanse Class

Each fall and spring, I recharge and rejuvenate my mind, body and soul, using a program I’ve developed based on years of reading, study and experimentation. Over the past few years, I’ve invited a community of women to join me, … Continue reading

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What are you really depriving yourself of?

Mary has decided not to eat carbs anymore. She figured out that her body doesn’t like them. She’s done two mindbodysoul cleanses with me, and she has made a decision to honour her body and feed it high octane fuel … Continue reading

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Do you want to lose five pounds easily this week?

I lost 5 pounds this week. Easily. Here’s what I did: Every time I felt a slight sensation of hunger, I ate. Whatever I wanted. Every time I felt a slight sensation of fullness I stopped eating. Whatever I wanted. … Continue reading

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Do you know how much food you need?

You, specifically. Your unique and luscious body. What’s the ideal amount your body requires to be in perfect optimal health? To be it’s ‘just right’ size? Many of us rely on experts to tell us. Just like we ask experts … Continue reading

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Do you know what foods best fuel you?

Let me clarify my question: do you know which foods best fuel your body? Not what Dr. Oz says. Or your nutritionist. Or your trainer/mother/lover/best friend. Many of us have relinquished the definition of their ideal diet to a bunch … Continue reading

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Why do I keep eating when I’m uncomfortably full?

We reach for more food when we’ve eaten so much that we feel physically uncomfortable. We think that more food is what we want. Does this sound familiar to you? It comes up a lot in my coaching practice, so I’m … Continue reading

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What’s your type of treat?

I turned 49 today. Thanks to all of you for your birthday hugs. I truly felt them.| Here’s my heavenly day: Morning snuggles and cuddles in bed with various sized family members. Drooling over my new MacBook Air. Moksha yoga. … Continue reading

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What will change if you never eat this food, ever again?

Deb emailed me about my latka blog. She asked what to do about that special seasonal food you can’t get all year long. For her, it’s Snickers Nutcrackers. For me, it’s anything sprinkled with crushed candy canes. (have you tasted … Continue reading

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Why do I eat more when the food tastes horrible?

ugh. Bob Evans in West Virginia. Broccoli is soggy, baked potato is cold, carrots are overcooked. And I finished them all. I’m a food snob. I like my food, fresh, lovingly prepared, hopefully organic, ideally local. As you can imagine, … Continue reading

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Can’t you just eat those latkas another day?

Chanukah. Latkas. Lacy crispy confections of shredded potatoes and onions. Hot off the griddle. Just the right amount of oily, crispy, and then mushy inside. Jews traditionally eat latkas on Chanukah, which started Saturday night, and will end this Sunday. … Continue reading

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