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What will stop you from checking off that resolution?

I remember the year I decided to stop celebrating New Year’s Eve. I was a teenager on holiday in Cape Town and I didn’t have a boyfriend. At the time I thought this was because I was overweight. Now that … Continue reading

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Does Halloween scare you?

(Second time today – I hope you’re happy to see me in your inbox again! When I posted earlier today about the benefits of cleansing, I had forgotten (wishful thinking?) that it was Halloween tonight. I’m hopeful that I can … Continue reading

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How can you use your creative mind to lose weight?

Here’s one brilliant way: Bev I thought about you after my run yesterday and wanted to tell you that your blog post  about riding your bicycle when you were a little out of shape really inspired me to get my … Continue reading

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Why do I keep eating when I’m uncomfortably full?

We reach for more food when we’ve eaten so much that we feel physically uncomfortable. We think that more food is what we want. Does this sound familiar to you? It comes up a lot in my coaching practice, so I’m … Continue reading

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Can you be fat and amazing?

My last blog struck  a chord. I got tons of emails – women all over the world telling my they are sad AND amazing. My people. Choosing to be amazing no matter what. Here’s an even harder one for you: … Continue reading

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