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What are you thankful for?

Thanksgiving today. Thankful for fall colours a city that prioritizes well maintained ravine trails biking date with my husband brunch at School self-sufficient children love letters from courageous clients and students parents coming for dinner happy soccer sounds from the … Continue reading

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How do you get what you want?

There are lots of ways to get what you want. One way is to give it to yourself. Then you get exactly what you wanted. No mistakes. I tried another way this Mother’s Day. I asked. Really specifically. I even … Continue reading

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How do you become a regular exerciser?

This may surprise you: It’s all in the language you use. Your wording influences how you feel. I spent the last two summers in Miami. The first week, I started swimming forty laps each day while my kids were playing. … Continue reading

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How can you be so happy all the time?

“Mommy, how can you be so happy all the time?” My seven year old asked me tonight. We’d been driving for about twelve hours home from our winter vacation in Florida (heavenly – thanks for asking). Her question surprised me. … Continue reading

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Why do you do it if you hate doing it?

“I hate interrupting my work that I love to drive an hour to get my kids from school. So I eat all the way there and back” Emotion as she’s telling me this. Frustration, struggle. So don’t go, I said. … Continue reading

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Is there ANYTHING you can’t decide to feel better about?

Found out last week that I have lice. First, they were found on two of my daughters at school. Then, Lina from Lice Squad came to check and de-lice the family. It’s me and the two youngest. Ugh. The nurse, … Continue reading

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Are you living your priorities?

I was late for an important Board meeting tonight. Fifteen minutes. That’s how long it takes me to make a delicious salad for dinner. Busy day. No time to prepare food. Fed the kids. Time to go. But I hadn’t … Continue reading

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How are you feeling today?

I woke up feeling light and free. It’s Saturday morning. I usually visit my grandmother, Helen, on Saturdays. She lives alone and doesn’t go out. I do go out, and we love to see each other. So I go to … Continue reading

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