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Are you holding yourself back with your mind?

We had a holiday this Monday – Family Day – (great opportunity to sleep in, hang with my crazy gang, and skip school lunches!). The next day I mistakenly arrived for my regular Monday 10.00am Moksha yoga class. But it wasn’t … Continue reading

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This winter is the perfect time to become a regular exerciser

Exercise is on my mind. I’m talking movement on purpose this snowy cold winter. I used to hibernate, clothed in multiple stretchy layers, telling myself it was too cold to move, and then panic in spring when I finally delayered, … Continue reading

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You get what you work for.

My youngest daughter is an excellent gymnast. I can’t remember a time when she didn’t spend almost every spare moment practicing and perfecting her skills and routines. She is completely self-motivated. Determinedly persistent. Inspiringly thrilling to watch. She does not get … Continue reading

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You can become a regular exerciser – easily.

I almost knocked a woman over today. I was rushing out of my kids’ school on my way to yoga. Just dropped lunch off (yep. again) and I had twenty minutes before they close the door. “Sorry!” I yelled behind … Continue reading

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How can you use your creative mind to lose weight?

Here’s one brilliant way: Bev I thought about you after my run yesterday and wanted to tell you that your blog post  about riding your bicycle when you were a little out of shape really inspired me to get my … Continue reading

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How do you become a regular exerciser?

This may surprise you: It’s all in the language you use. Your wording influences how you feel. I spent the last two summers in Miami. The first week, I started swimming forty laps each day while my kids were playing. … Continue reading

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Got any rules you want to deconstruct today?

I went shopping for a bikini yesterday. Honestly. I never thought that would happen in this lifetime. It started with my upper arms. I had a rule that I couldn’t wear sleeveless tops because my upper arms were fat and … Continue reading

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Got any stories that have outlived their ‘best by ‘ date?

YOU: Do you like your gym? ME: The best part of it is that it’s 2 minutes away. I can leave my house at 9.20 for a 9.30 class. If it was 5 minutes further, I just wouldn’t get there. … Continue reading

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How do you make sure you stick with your new exercise plan?

Laura* comes to hot yoga every day. Possibly twice a day – she’s there whichever class I go to. She’s out of shape and overweight. She doesn’t look like someone who exercises strenuously every day. And she doesn’t. Exercise strenuously. … Continue reading

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Where have my genius skills gone?

I’m wobbling here. Seriously. On one foot. WHAT? This is supposed to be easy for me! I’m a yogini. I was born a yogini. And from someone who’s been terrible at every sport since birth, Discovering that I was naturally … Continue reading

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