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What do you really really want?

I really love my job! And I love it even more when I get emails like this one from Roberta* “Weekend was really good. Went to a movie Sat night and even though my husband was chomping away on his … Continue reading

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The many (unhelpful) ways we use food

If you’re an emotional eater, like me, you may have noticed that you use food for reasons other than nourishment. I’m five years into my recovery from emotional eating, thanks to coaching, and I’m still learning about all the games … Continue reading

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Do you eat because you’re bored?

I’m on a five hour train ride from San Diego to Santa Barbara. OMG it’s so spectacular – so far the entire route has been on the ocean. I’m watching bikers, runners, surfers enjoying this stunning day. But all I … Continue reading

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Do you blame your size for how you feel?

I’m speaking at a business event next week. I weigh 5 pounds more than my favourite weight. The weight I feel most comfortable in my own skin. I call it my natural weight – the size I feel like I … Continue reading

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Want to know the best weight loss secret in the universe?

Stay Don’t leave Stay Don’t hide Stay No matter what you’re eating Stay present No matter how much you’re eating Be there with you Even if you’re breaking a promise you made yesterday Stay with yourself Even if you wish … Continue reading

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