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What would you achieve if you gave yourself no out?

Three weeks to my half marathon!!! (In case you missed the news, I’m doing a half marathon in Miami soon for a charity that is close to my heart.) THANK YOU to all of you who sponsored me – Ken … Continue reading

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Sometimes weight loss is soooo slow

I’ve decided to lose those extra 5 lbs I’ve gained over the past year or so. I remember how easy and steady it was when I first lost 60 lbs 5 years ago. I’m 51 now, and it’s not going … Continue reading

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Burgers don’t make you fat. Overeating makes you fat.

I had lunch in heaven last week. Four Seasons Santa Barbara – outdoor patio table, facing the ocean, a beloved friend and colleague on either side of me. As Karen was telling us that she’s losing weight, the server brought our … Continue reading

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Are you holding yourself back with your mind?

We had a holiday this Monday – Family Day – (great opportunity to sleep in, hang with my crazy gang, and skip school lunches!). The next day I mistakenly arrived for my regular Monday 10.00am Moksha yoga class. But it wasn’t … Continue reading

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This winter is the perfect time to become a regular exerciser

Exercise is on my mind. I’m talking movement on purpose this snowy cold winter. I used to hibernate, clothed in multiple stretchy layers, telling myself it was too cold to move, and then panic in spring when I finally delayered, … Continue reading

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You get what you work for.

My youngest daughter is an excellent gymnast. I can’t remember a time when she didn’t spend almost every spare moment practicing and perfecting her skills and routines. She is completely self-motivated. Determinedly persistent. Inspiringly thrilling to watch. She does not get … Continue reading

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This one thing will eliminate your desire to binge

I coached a mom last week. She told me she binges when she’s doing something for her children. Especially when it’s unplanned or unexpected. Like when they forget their lunch and she drives it to them, eating cookies all the … Continue reading

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Who knows your body better than you do?

No one knows your body better than you do. Because the messages your body sends you are only available to you, if you listen. It’s so tempting to believe that someone else knows what you need to do to lose … Continue reading

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Do you want to be exceptional?

My nephew, a serious, spiritual and religious teenager, and I were discussing his future. I have a soft spot for this kid –  he made me an aunt. He was accepted into a prestigious engineering program, and received permission to … Continue reading

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What thought barriers can you break today?

I love the story of the 4 minute mile Do you know it? Until 1954, no one was known to run a mile in under 4 minutes. All the fastest runners tried and tried and couldn’t do it. Until Roger … Continue reading

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