Grad School Six Month Challenge

This class is currently in session, and the Grads are dropping pounds
and experiencing AHA’s daily!!!
One Grad was surprieded to lose 5 pounds without one single feeling of deprivation!
I wasn’t. Surprised. This is exactly how it works.

Email me to reserve your spot in my next six month challenge.

Here’s the plan:
You decide what you want to weigh in six months.
I help you get there.
We use the tools and techniques you have already learned.
And we do deeper, further and broader than we’ve ever done.

The work has already begun.
Magic is already manifesting.

Phone classes every two weeks – teaching and live coaching every time!
We alternate between morning and evening calls.
You get a recording in case you can’t make it.
And for reminding!

24/7 private forum – daily forum – you know me – you post it and I coach on it!
Close and super-inspiring community of women to support you as you shrink your body and expand your mind!

included with your initial registration is one half hour coaching call with me to clarify your goal and uplevel your excitement factor about it!

This class is open to you if you’ve been coached by me, taken a class with me, or been trained at The Life Coach School.
Email me and I’ll send you the registration link.
Before October 7th – after that we’ll be so far in you won’t be able to catch up!!!

Want a sample? Click here to listen to a 15 minute segment of our first class.

If you’re dying to do this, and you’re not a past client/student, email me anyway and we’ll  figure out how to make your dream come true!