Season of You Weight Loss Class

It’s official. Your season has arrived. Ready?

It’s time. For you. To end the weight war. Forever.

 The Season of You


Join me and four other amazing women on the phone once a week for 3 months and on the 24/7 online coaching forum.

I had the privilege of working with Bev for the past 3 months during her “Season of You” class.  I really cannot say enough great things about Bev.  If you are looking for a coach who is warm, kind, and compassionate, then you will LOVE Bev Aron.  She exudes warmth, and is so gentle and kind.  That’s not to say she won’t call you out on your nonsense (she will and she does)…but it is done with so much love.  She will help you ferret out some really big truths.
Bev’s strength is all of the different kinds of training she has.  In addition to coaching, she brings elements of meditation, energy healing and even music! into your coaching experience.  I had some of the most amazing insights I’ve ever had with Bev.  She is hands down one of my favorite coaches.  If you get the opportunity to work with her, you should absolutely jump at it.  You won’t believe how much your life will change!
Susan McCusker

Owner, Cape & Vine Designs

We will:

  • Uncover the reasons you’re still struggling with your weight.
  • Lose weight without dieting or deprivation
  • Learn how to honour your body and it’s hunger signals
  • Learn how to eat what you want when you want and reach your natural weight
  • Create a vision for your life that feels fantastically delicious!!

Weekly hour long calls.

Mp3 of class recording  in case you want to listen again, or miss the class
Coaching support via private online forum
Brooke Castillo’s book “If I’m so Smart Why Can’t I Lose Weight” will be sent to you the minute you sign up!

I know what I used to think and feel.
First sign of spring.
Then… mild panic.
Trying  to remember what size I was last spring.

Was I thinner?
Moderate panic.
What will I wear now?
Did I keep the “fat clothes” (please please yes – frantically dig them out)?
Was I fatter?
Should I buy smaller clothes? Will this size last? What if it doesn’t?
I don’t even know what size I am now?
Scour the closet to see how many stretchy clothes I have.
I once lived an entire winter in Lululemons and Juicy tracksuits.
I don’t think I looked in the mirror once that entire season.

No fun, this rollercoaster between mild and severe panic
and a whole lot of out-of-control feelings in between.

Now, no matter which season we’re moving into
I have one size in my closet.
It’s nice and sparse.
And all the clothes are the same size.

Every day, same season, new season, I open my closet
And there are all my clothes
that all fit the same.
It’s such a relief
and such freedom.

Want to throw out all the sizes that don’t fit you?
Want your only thoughts about new seasons to be thoughts about the new season?
Ready for The Season of You?
Join me and four other students in a brand new, three month class
designed to take you to an intimate connection with your body and your mind.

By summer, you’ll be planning your holidays only the vacation in mind.
What to wear will be a sideline. A fun one.
What to dream of for the New Season? We’ll cover that one too.
And one resolution that won’t be on the list: ending your diet war.

Join us! $299  sign up here or email me to learn more.