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This class is not running at the moment.

I’m doing my mindbodysoul cleanse individually – email me for details.

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Six week , small group intensive!

– learn what foods best fuel you
– learn how to nourish your spirit
– learn how to use your powerful mind to achieve your goals

Wednesday Oct 22 – Nov 26 Let’s do this!!!

Daytime class: 12.oopm EDT/9.00am PDT
Evening class: 9.00pm EDT/6.00pm PDT

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Here’s what you get:

6 one hour phone classes to guide you through the cleanse

recordings of each class to download forever!

2 individual 1/2 hour coaching sessions – you decide when

24/7 private online community where you get coaching and support

recipes, meditations, worksheets, tools and lots of love and tips to ensure your

6 weeks starting October 22


Wanna hear all about it? Listen to this class, which tells you what to expect AND how to cleanse on your own if you want to.

Feeling like this is EXACTLY what you need?

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Questions? Read below and EMAIL ME if you need more info.

What’s different about this cleanse?

The mindbodysoul cleanse is all about real food. We don’t use any shakes, meal replacements, or packages. I’ve experimented with many different kinds of cleanses, and I have found that cleansing with real food is far superior to packages products. Here’s why – this way, you learn how fantastic your body feels when you eat food that is close to it’s original source, you’re building habits that you can maintain for a lifetime. You get to define your own personal brand of high-octane fuel food that makes your body function at its best. Also, my clients who lose weight using this nutritional cleanse maintain almost all the weight they lose a year after the cleanse, because they discover how to prepare nature’s gifts in exciting and infinitely varied ways, compared to shakes and meal replacements that are expensive and become boring after a while.

What’s the benefit of paying for this class instead of just cleansing on my own?

The mindbodysoul cleanse is designed specifically to guide you to establish permanent changes in your life so that you have the power to maintain the elated, energetic feeling you will experience during the cleanse. Through my work with many women I’ve identified the factors that determine long term success, and that’s what you’ll get when you join this group, for way less than it would cost you for individual coaching. It’s so easy to stick to a food plan for 3 weeks. The hard part is knowing what to do after. When you cleanse with me, the after part is easy, effortless and obvious, because I’ve been coaching you for six weeks on all the reasons you weren’t’ doing it before! I’m on our secret Facebook group every day, so you get access to my  coaching for way less than individual coaching would cost.

What will I eat?

We eat foods that are very easy to digest, but substantial enough that you can continue with all your regular activities. Digesting food takes so much energy, and when our body gets a rest from this work, it can divert energy to detoxifying, repairing and rejuvenating our entire system. As a result, you’ll lose weight, gain energy and clarity and feel fantastic! The first week you prepare your body by gradually reducing harmful foods. The second week, we eat mostly fruits and veggies, and I’ll tell you how to do this without feeling at all deprived. The third week, we introduce specific whole grains, and the fourth week we introduce specific sources of protein. The final two weeks you start to experiment with foods you’ve been missing and I teach you tools to stay connected with your body so that you continue to want to feed it what it really needs. MAGIC!!!!

What’s the mind and soul aspect of the cleanse?

I’m a causal coach, which means that I help you identify the source of your problems. If you’re overweight, or feeling sluggish, or hate your body, or have fears around food, I know that what you’re eating is only part of the problem. I’m curious about why you’re choosing to eat foods that aren’t making you want to sing and dance from the rooftops! The cause is in your connection (or disconnection) to your soul, and the beliefs and thoughts that are guiding your behaviour. In my work with clients in my coaching practice, and training coaches at The Life Coach School, I help women reconnect with their inner guidance and wisdom to design a life that is in alignment with their very best selves.

I don’t want to  lose weight – should I cleanse?

Yes! Everyone should cleanse. Even if your car is operating satisfactorily, you still take it for it’s scheduled maintenance service, right? We don’t only brush our teeth when we have cavities.  Most natural health experts recommend cleansing every spring and fall, and I’ve been doing this for about ten years, and it’s made a huge difference to my wellness and vitality!


Need more info?  Ask me anything.


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