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Lose the Weight, Win the War

Do you spend a lot of time wondering why you aren’t eating less and moving more?
Do you wish you could stop worrying about your weight, food, size, what you ate yesterday, what you’ll eat today?
Would you love to have a peaceful relationship with food and your body?
Do you want to end your struggle?

I’ll teach you how to easily eat only when you’re hungry, stop when you’re satisfied, and exercise for fun. We’ll uncover the reasons you eat when you’re not hungry, and you’ll learn how to address your emotional eating so that you have no need to use food as comfort. You’ll apply the tools, experiment, and create your unique solutions.

Best of all, you’ll lose weight without ever feeling deprived, you’ll feel more peaceful and joyful about your life, and you’ll know exactly what to do to keep going until you’re at your natural weight.

12 weeks of personalized coaching
12 one hour phone calls
unlimited email support

$1300  click here to get started!

I’ll take it month by month thank you!

Want to know what weight loss coaching is all about?

Want to experience the magic of learning to trust your body?
Want to discover why you overeat?

Many of my clients start here.
During the first month, you commit to applying the tools and doing your homework.
I’ll teach you how to eat whatever you want whenever you want and still lose weight. We’ll dip into the cause of your emotional eating, and you’ll learn how to identify your feelings and how to stay with them instead of using food. You’ll also learn a brilliant technique to make yourself feel better.

Each month, you decide:
– maybe you want to go deeper with me with another 4 weeks of individualized sessions
– maybe you want to join a group
– maybe you join Grad School
– and maybe you’re all ready to continue your weight loss work on your own, armed with all the brilliant tools you’ve learned!

4 weeks of personalized coaching
4 one hour phone calls
unlimited email support 

$550  Let’s start!


$175 gets you a one hour phone coaching session with me. You’ll identify an issue or two, and I’ll coach you to clarity, and we may even cover some weight loss tools.  Buy here!

Think you can’t afford coaching? Read this and think again….  How much money do you spend overeating?

How d’you like to say “how d’you do” to your hip bones?

It’s been years now.
I never get over the thrill of meeting my hip bones.
Leaning forward while I wash the dishes – contact with the counter – who knew?
Boat pose in yoga – digging into the floor – ouch – hey hi!
And what about those round knobby bones where your hand meets your arm?
Cute, strange, nice to meet you!

Ready to meet parts of you you forgot were there?
Parts of your body?
Parts of your mind?
Parts of your spirit?
Join me and we’ll uncover your very best you: body, mind and soul

You’ll learn tools for eating according to your body’s hunger signals
You’ll discover that exercise is a gift you can’t wait to give yourself – every day
You’ll find those feelings that send you diving into the fridge
You’ll trace those feelings to the painful thoughts and beliefs
And I’ll teach you how to replace those thoughts
So that eating less and moving more become effortless actions that you take
From a place of self love.
And one day, you’re thin
And you forgot to notice
Because you were living free.

Show up fully
Prepare to do the work
You’ll be transformed and liberated.
It’s worth it
And it’s fun!
Can’t wait!!!!