Grad School 1

You’ve finished your coaching package or class.
You know your thoughts create your reality.
You’ve loved the magic of finding the story that is making you feel bad.
You’ve experienced the shift of replacing that story with one that feels better.
You’ve seen the positive changes that result when you’re feeling good.
In your life, your relationships, your eating and your body.
And you want more.
You want to stay in touch.
You want to keep examining your thoughts.
You want to stay aware, conscious, connected to your body.
Maybe you want to lose more weight.
Maybe you want to keep exploring why you are eating emotionally.
Maybe you’ve had some more insights you want to work.
Maybe you want to feel better.
Grad School is for you.

Tuesdays 9.30 p.m. EST
Starting March 6th
ongoing – monthly sign up for any of my clients
$89 per month.  Sign up here

Ever joined a gym and hired a trainer?
You work out like crazy for a few months, get all buff and slim.
And then your package is up.
You know if you stop working out, you’ll lose some of those gains you’ve made.

Coaching can be like that.
You sign up for a package.
You question your painful stories.
You choose to retell them so they’re less painful.
You learn to think in ways that feel amazing.
You lose weight, because you lost the need to eat to feel better – you already feel better!
You’re ridiculously alive.

I prioritize teaching my clients to coach themselves.
I teach them the self-coaching model,
And I demonstrate how we’re using it in our coaching sessions.
I want them to become independent.
To get so good at it that they catch those negative thoughts as they come up,
and use their killer coaching skills to coach themselves to a better place.

My ‘graduated’ clients call me sometimes
They say I live in their head
And they feel better when they read over their notes from our sessions
But they need ongoing contact with me to keep them there.
Or they read my blog and feel inspired and in charge for a few days,
And then they forget to feel that way.
Or new stuff has come up and they need help working it.
What they’re telling me
Is that they need a regular workout… for their mind.

It’s how I stay in shape.
Emotionally and physically.
Physically I work out 5 times a week.
Emotionally I swap coaching with my amazing colleagues, and take coaching classes all the time.
It keeps me clean, in my integrity, and at the top of my game.

So here it is.


For all my clients who want to maintain their peak  living
Join me on an online forum and a monthly call.
You’ll get coaching 24/7
One hour group coaching call once a week
Discounted pricing on any new classes I offer.
Insider information on spectacular offerings from my amazing colleagues, many of which are free.
And the very best part: you become part of a vibrant community of like-minded people,
Which many clients who discover the freedom of living an examined life yearn for.

Cost $89 per month. Subscribe on a monthly basis.
Sign up here

Here’s what you’ll get, every month:
Week 1: I’ll unveil a brand new tool for connecting to our bodies.
Week 2: We review your experience with the tool.
Week 3: Speed coaching: your air time – we divide the hour between callers, and coach on whatever you bring up – you have a right to pass!
Week 4: We learn about a new teacher, author or luminary who’s advancing personal development right now.
Week 5 (if there is a fifth week that month): Surprise guest!


What if you’ve been coached, but not by me? Shoot me an email – if you’re a thought-work addict like me and my clients, and you’re familiar with the Self Coaching model, you’ll fit right in here!

What if you want to live more fully, but you don’t struggle with your weight? You’re welcome here. Although I call myself a weight loss coach, I believe that a weight problem is a life problem, and whatever’s holding you back, we use the same approach to save you from yourself!