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You can become a regular exerciser – easily.

I almost knocked a woman over today. I was rushing out of my kids’ school on my way to yoga. Just dropped lunch off (yep. again) and I had twenty minutes before they close the door. “Sorry!” I yelled behind … Continue reading

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Who or what is your teacher right now?

What’s happening that you wish weren’t happening? That’s your teacher. What is it there to teach you? The idea that the person/experience in front of you is your teacher is comforting to me. The irritating driver, your impossible colleague, your … Continue reading

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What do you wish you never did anymore?

Before I start my blog today, I want to thank all of you who asked for a fall mindbodysoul cleanse class – we’re starting Nov 8! You’ll be done just in time for the holidays – this will be one … Continue reading

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What are you pretending you don’t know?

I had a mystery in my life for years. I talked about it a lot. Over lunches with friends, phone conversations with my sister, emails with my coaching forum. I was very dramatic about the not knowing. I would exclaim, … Continue reading

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How do you become a regular exerciser?

This may surprise you: It’s all in the language you use. Your wording influences how you feel. I spent the last two summers in Miami. The first week, I started swimming forty laps each day while my kids were playing. … Continue reading

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Why are you bingeing every Sunday?

Sue wrote to me after reading my latka blog: “Terrific blog Bev and I know exactly what you mean.  I was always starting a diet on Monday so Sunday was that last chance for me to eat that piece of … Continue reading

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Why do I eat more when the food tastes horrible?

ugh. Bob Evans in West Virginia. Broccoli is soggy, baked potato is cold, carrots are overcooked. And I finished them all. I’m a food snob. I like my food, fresh, lovingly prepared, hopefully organic, ideally local. As you can imagine, … Continue reading

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Can’t you just eat those latkas another day?

Chanukah. Latkas. Lacy crispy confections of shredded potatoes and onions. Hot off the griddle. Just the right amount of oily, crispy, and then mushy inside. Jews traditionally eat latkas on Chanukah, which started Saturday night, and will end this Sunday. … Continue reading

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Which food will serve your soul?

A bomb exploded in my life 2 months ago. It had been there for a few years already, although I didn’t know what it was. I’d been tiptoeing around it, Eventually I started living on it, Not noticing how normal … Continue reading

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Got any rules you want to deconstruct today?

I went shopping for a bikini yesterday. Honestly. I never thought that would happen in this lifetime. It started with my upper arms. I had a rule that I couldn’t wear sleeveless tops because my upper arms were fat and … Continue reading

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