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Are you here? For you?

I’m reflecting on probably the most calming thing I heard last year. My Grad School and I committed to a Six Month Challenge in August. We each chose a goal and outcome and we’re working towards it by studying our … Continue reading

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Who or what is your teacher right now?

What’s happening that you wish weren’t happening? That’s your teacher. What is it there to teach you? The idea that the person/experience in front of you is your teacher is comforting to me. The irritating driver, your impossible colleague, your … Continue reading

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What are you pretending you don’t know?

I had a mystery in my life for years. I talked about it a lot. Over lunches with friends, phone conversations with my sister, emails with my coaching forum. I was very dramatic about the not knowing. I would exclaim, … Continue reading

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Got any stories that have outlived their ‘best by ‘ date?

YOU: Do you like your gym? ME: The best part of it is that it’s 2 minutes away. I can leave my house at 9.20 for a 9.30 class. If it was 5 minutes further, I just wouldn’t get there. … Continue reading

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