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Does it really matter what other people think?

I was at an event with my family on Saturday night. All dressed up and fancy. Fitted little black dress. Feeling quite hot, if the truth be told. We walked into a crowded room. Not many seats left. Had to … Continue reading

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Want to learn more about experiencing ease in your life?

The weather here is unusually cold. That. Is an understatement. It’s freezing every day. For Toronto. Which is always very cold this time of year! I can’t remember when I was more grateful for my learned awareness that I have … Continue reading

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Who or what is your teacher right now?

What’s happening that you wish weren’t happening? That’s your teacher. What is it there to teach you? The idea that the person/experience in front of you is your teacher is comforting to me. The irritating driver, your impossible colleague, your … Continue reading

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Can you be fat and amazing?

My last blog struck  a chord. I got tons of emails – women all over the world telling my they are sad AND amazing. My people. Choosing to be amazing no matter what. Here’s an even harder one for you: … Continue reading

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Which food will serve your soul?

A bomb exploded in my life 2 months ago. It had been there for a few years already, although I didn’t know what it was. I’d been tiptoeing around it, Eventually I started living on it, Not noticing how normal … Continue reading

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Got any rules you want to deconstruct today?

I went shopping for a bikini yesterday. Honestly. I never thought that would happen in this lifetime. It started with my upper arms. I had a rule that I couldn’t wear sleeveless tops because my upper arms were fat and … Continue reading

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How long until you choose to feel better?

I turned the corner, and a woman opened her window and said “I love you”. Life just keeps getting better, I thought. She went on to say that she hurt her leg during power yoga, and instead of quitting, she … Continue reading

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What to do with the pain?

Sadness. Loss. Fear . Regret. Worry. Crises rocking my world. First, I slept I ate I hid. For 2 days. It felt horrible. Like I was congesting the pain, Making it thick and doughy and sticky. I felt thick and … Continue reading

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Want to share some secrets?

A client told me that she thinks I’m so brave to put myself out there in my blogs. I wasn’t always so brave about self-exposure. I used to think secrets were for keeping. Especially the ones that made me feel … Continue reading

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Want to know the best weight loss secret in the universe?

Stay Don’t leave Stay Don’t hide Stay No matter what you’re eating Stay present No matter how much you’re eating Be there with you Even if you’re breaking a promise you made yesterday Stay with yourself Even if you wish … Continue reading

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