Become A Woman Who Exercises

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Class starts this Wednesday (March 18!) @ 12.30 EST/9.30 PST


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‘Become A Woman Who Exercises’ is a 4 week phone and online class for women who love the idea of working out regularly, but believe that they can’t do it. They want to be strong and fit, but they struggle to begin or maintain a workout routine. They’re looking for a permanent and pleasurable way to become, definitively, “A Woman Who Exercises Consistently”.

On the surface, it’s about making a habit of regular workouts  that you look forward to, and that feel non-negotiable to you (kind of like your daily shower – I hope!).

But really? It’s all about discovering the things we tell ourselves (about our bodies, exercise, and our past behaviour) that are holding us back from becoming A Woman Who Exercises Consistently.

This class is designed for women who think that they hate working out, or who joined the gym last November and haven’t been since, or who go every day for a month and then don’t move again for three. And they really want to. They’re fascinated with the idea of working out regularly, and with women who do. They just don’t think it’s possible for them. It’s for women who are insulting themselves for not working out, which makes them feel terrible, and leads to even less working out, and more mean self-talk.

By the end of ‘Become A Woman Who Exercises’, you will have changed your identity – you’ll think of yourself as ‘A Woman Who Exercises’ – easily,  organically, and without any struggle (I’m allergic to any struggle – doesn’t work long term). Because we always behave according to what we think, you’ll be moving your gorgeous butt more than you do now. And you’ll have all the tools to constantly be upping your exercise game, if that’s what you’re aiming for.

And best of all, you’ll have a Master Certified Coach and an intimate online community to support you as you transition into being A Woman Who Exercises. We’ll meet on the phone once a week to learn and coach, and we’ll meet 24/7 on our private online forum for nonstop coaching, exploring, cheering and celebrating.

Get ready to blast away all your myths about why you aren’t exercising and change your identity. ‘Become A Woman Who Exercises’.


Circle these dates on your calendar –
Phone classes are Wed March 18, 25, April 1, April 15 (no call April 8).
All classes start at 12.30 EST / 9.30 PST / 11.30 CMT.
Forum opens Mon March 15 and remains sizzling throughout – it’s like a nonstop dance party!!!!

Class costs $99 but if you bring a friend, you each pay $75 – because exercising with a girlfriend is soo much fun!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Week 1: Find YOUR why? No threats or scare stats. You’ll learn how to find your very own unique reason to exercise that feels so good you won’t be able to stop yourself!

Week 2: Find YOUR where? You’ll discover where you’re at now, and where you’re planning to go. Hint – no traditional goal setting – never worked for me so I’m going to teach you how I got from sedentary to serious!

Week 3: Find YOUR what? Let’s define exercise in a whole new way so it feels manageable and pleasurable.

Week 4: Find your HELL YES! Open coaching! uh huh. You bring me whatever obstacles remain for you and we’ll blast them into the ether. Oh, and you can bring successes to celebrate too – I’m seriously into bragging and self-congratulation!!!

There’ll be homework. Easy challenges that will gradually get you to who you want to be: A Woman Who Exercises Regularly.

Questions? I’m here to answer –  email me



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