Where are you – in this moment?

824242a8-0815-4056-9943-cd27e8d6d3ecI don’t mean physically.
I mean in your mind.
Do you know that, no matter where you are physically, you are really where your thoughts are?*

I bumped into my friend Sara on Monday.
Busy shopping.
Similar lives – solopreneurs growing our businesses, raising school-aged children, making time for exercise and connection and good books!
June. Add in end-of-year parties, performances, teachers’ gifts, book sales, graduations, preparation for sleepover camp, and visiting family!
When you have four children, like I do, who attend three different schools and three different camps, it’s logistically detailed!!!

We’ve rented a lakeside cottage in July, with a week of art school in the country
(wish me luck – I haven’t done any visual art since elementary school!!)

Sara and I  commiserated about everything we have to do in the next few days,
and she asked me:
“Aren’t you counting the minutes until the cottage?”
Me “Not at all”
Sara: “Because you live in the moment, right?”
Me “I do. It’s my thing”.


It’s a daily practice and I don’t always remember, but it’s always my intent.

I hate getting into bed at night and realizing that I’ve missed the entire day because my thoughts were in the past, in the future, or in someone else’s business.

These past few busy weeks have been really happy ones for me –
Camp prep is an opportunity to bond with each child, who gets to take a day off school and hang with their mommy without any siblings.
Teachers’ gift shopping is an opportunity to express my enormous gratitude to the wonderful teachers at our unique school.

I want it all.

Full frontal chaotic living.

Every moment right here.

It really makes a difference to your experience.

Later that day, Sara left me this message:
“Thank You.
It was so good to see you.
I had the most wonderful morning after.”

We can all do it.

All it takes is a decision to be here. Now.

I never want to escape what’s here.

Especially when it involves the chaos of my crazy life.

When I’m at the cottage, I don’t want to be worrying about my baby ten-year old who’s at sleepover camp for the first time.
And when I’m packing for camp with her, I would hate to miss that beauty because I’m at the cottage (in my mind).


Where I’ve chosen to be.

Every moment.

Every time.

That’s where I am.


*This is one of the most important lessons I learned from Esther Hicks.


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