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snowmanThe weather here is unusually cold.
That. Is an understatement.
It’s freezing every day.
For Toronto.
Which is always very cold this time of year!

I can’t remember when I was more grateful for my learned awareness that I have full power over my emotions.
Wherever I go, people are blaming the weather for their misery.
I hear them.
And its as if they’re talking about an experience that I haven’t shared.
Of course, we live in the same city, so I’m experiencing the same temperatures.
But not once have I felt tempted to believe that the wind chill can affect how I feel.

Only my thinking can affect my emotions.
And I control what I focus on, and think about.
If I, like most people I know, chose to think about the weather all the time,
and check the weather every moment
and complain about it to everyone I see
I’d be so unhappy right now.

But I’m actually feeling really peaceful.
For me, the weather is.
It’s a number, and it feels a certain way on my skin
(especially when I forget my jacket in the other car!!).
That’s it.
All the rest is up to me.

While I may feel physically cold*,
I’m taking really good care of myself,
because I know that how I feel is my responsibility.
I stay home as much as possible, shop where there’s indoor parking, spend lots of time by my huge windows overlooking the ravine, and bundle up well when I’m outside.
And by not fighting with the weather, I actually think I feel less cold.

Do you want to learn how to manage your mind so that you experience external circumstances as neutral? So that you can choose ease no matter what? Amy Johnson and I talked about experiencing ease in any situation last week. You can listen here if you missed it. We’re continuing the amazingness with 3 more classes! Tomorrow, Wed Jan 29, we’re going to apply this idea to parenting (which many of you have asked me about) followed on Wed Feb 5 by relationships, and finally wed Feb 12 (just before my birthday!!) by work/career. All classes will be held at noon EST/9am PST. Recordings will be sent out in case you can’t make it live. We’re going to leave lots of time for coaching and questions, so if you want to move towards ease in any or all of these areas, join us! You can sign up for one or all classes HERE!!!

*A MILLION THANK YOU’s to my reader who responded to my  post about the teacher in front of you with the remedy for Raynauds syndrome – I can now be outside and even go skating without pain!!!!!


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