What do you wish you never did anymore?

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I used to text while driving.
Yes, I admit it.
Not proud of it.

Actually I still do it.
I’m a bit addicted.
I said I’m not proud.

I’m trying a new technique.
I’m telling it like I want it to be instead of how it is.

Every time I notice myself checking a text or typing one,
I put the phone down and say “I used to text while driving”.

It’s an interesting experiment.
Every time I do it, I feel a slight shift inside me.
As if it’s becoming true.

You may be surprised – my clients and students know that I’m a bit obsessive about telling it like it is.
I don’t let many untruths get by me when I’m coaching or teaching.
I believe that the truth sets us free
and always feels better.

But this feels right somehow.
I’m telling what I want to be my truth.
The difference is I know I still do it.
I’m not lying to myself or pretending I’m clean of this habit.
I’m fully aware that I’m telling it how I want it to be.

And I think it’s working.

While I still pick up my phone,
I put it down almost immediately.

And I’m thinking that the next step is
during the pause between
when I think about sending a text,
and before I pick up the phone,
I’ll remember that I used to text while driving,
and don’t anymore,
And I won’t even pick it up.

Some of my clients are trying it with binges.
The minute they realize they’re in the middle of an overeat,
they tell themselves “I used to eat when I’m not hungry”.
Some find that it helps them stop eating in a peaceful and natural way.
Which is always the goal for me.

I don’t believe that struggling is an effective way to change behaviour.

What do you wish you used to do, and don’t do anymore?
If it has anything to do with overeating, or over-anything, then my mindbodysoul cleanse class may be just the thing to help you turn that into an “I used to” really soon, really gently.


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