Wanna know the third best weight loss secret in the universe?

eden crepeMake every bite count.

Actually, this may be the only weight loss secret you need.


I have to call it the third best, because I’ve already shared the first and second best, but this may eclipse them all.

Make. Every. Bite. Count.

Try it today.

It’s impossible to overeat when you’re making every bite count.

We overeat when we stop paying attention to what we’re eating.

Sometimes we don’t even notice we’re eating mindlessly, like at the movies, or during dinner cleanup.

Other times, we’re aware of it and we think we’ve lost control of ourselves so we just keep eating.


If you are committed to making every bite count,
you pay attention to every bite.
Even if you’re watching a movie.
Or, you notice you can’t pay enough attention to what you’re eating to make every bite count, so you either stop the movie or stop eating.

Here’s how you lose weight when you make every bite count (without deprivation of course, because I’m allergic to deprivation, and so are my clients.)

1. You eat only what tastes delicious to you. Impossible to savour it if you don’t love it. You have no idea how often my clients tell me that they ate the whole thing and then noticed that it didn’t even taste good. Make every bite count, and you’ll notice in the middle of the first bite. Mindless eat aborted.

2. You only eat when you’re hungry. Impossible to enjoy the experience of eating when your body is already full. If you pay really close attention, you will notice that whenever your body is satisfied, and you want to continue eating, you start ignoring the fact that you’re eating. Make every bite count, and you’ll abort lots of overeating.

3. You stop eating as soon as your body is satisfied. See #2.

4. You eliminate emotional eating entirely. When we’re upset or frustrated, us emotional eating addicts may turn to food in order to distract ourselves from our feelings. The only way for food to work as a medicator, is if we disconnect from ourselves. We don’t even notice those many many bites, never mind make them count. Make every bite count, and you’re well on the way to addressing the source of your upset or frustration. And recovery from your emotional eating addiction.

Put these together, and, magic, you have eliminated the causes of your excess weight: mindless and emotional overeating.

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P.S. the photo is of my spectacular nine year old baby, who is the MakeEveryBiteCount Maestro.


About Forever Free with Bev Aron, Certified Weight Loss Coach

I work with emotional eaters who desperately want relief from emotional eating, but can't seem to do it on their own. They know they need to eat less and move more, but can't figure out why they aren't doing it. My specialty is showing them the why and the how. I also work with parents who are worried about their children's weight. I help those parents encourage their children to have a healthy body image and a healthy relationship with food.
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