How can I enjoy my vacation without gaining weight?


How cute is this couple??
My friend, Eileen, just returned from a two week trip to Italy the same weight as she left.
Italy!!! Pasta! Gelato! Olives! Cannoli!
I mean, even Elizabeth Gilbert gained weight in Italy!!

We’re heading into the last few weeks of summer vacations,
and most of my clients are having difficulty believing that they can have a brilliant time, enjoy the food, and lose or maintain their weight while they are travelling.

So I asked Eileen to share how she did it.
Watch out for my absolutely favourite thought she just gave us, which I’ve highlighted in bold AND italicized I love it so much!!!

“Last fall my husband and I decided that we would take a trip to Italy to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. He spent the better half of a year planning every detail of our two-week trip, from the cities, to the hotels, to the sites, to the restaurants. I decided that if he was going to all the trouble to make such a memorable trip, I had to make the most of each part.

To do that, I realized I had to be at the top of my game: I had to be my physical and mental best and part of that meant not worrying about food and gaining weight. Before we left I upped my workout regime. I wanted to be strong and healthy to ensure that I had the energy to enjoy the sights and do the things that needed to get done (i.e.. carry luggage up and down a train platform with minimal whining).

This was my plan:
1. Wear comfortable shoes – even if they’re not in high fashion because sore feet will stop you from doing almost anything.
2. Take my vitamins and supplements as usual – that meant filling up the container nightly to bring with me the next day.
3. Eat when I was hungry – I carried nuts in my purse so that if I was hungry before “lunchtime” and we were in a museum I could have a snack and focus on the sites, not my hunger.
4. Add healthy foods daily – Instead of worrying about NOT eating certain foods, I tried to focus on ADDING foods. This meant eating veggies and fruit whenever I could, especially at breakfast.
5. Be flexible – I quickly decided not to get hung up on the fact that my usual lower fat choices weren’t available and that meals were taking place at times I’m not accustomed to – instead I focused on portion size and listening to my body’s signals of fullness.
6. Accept the fact that foods are not endangered. There’s always another delicious Italian wine or gelato just around the corner. Really. Even tiramisu.
7. Get enough sleep – for me this means no caffeine or sweets too late because that’s what keeps me up at night.
8. Skip the afternoon food pick-me-up – Instead of grabbing a cup of coffee and a snack (sweet or healthy), I took a shower. So what if I had already taken one in the morning? Showering actually re-energized me more than eating something.

Did my plan work? Yes! I felt energized, up to everything and I didn’t gain weight. On past trips, joy foods were a primary focus because I believed that’s what brought me joy. I used this trip to create the evidence I needed that, while food really can enhance an experience, it is not my primary source of joy. My true joy came from taking the trip of a lifetime with my husband.”

That’s really all we need to know, right?
Honestly, I got a cold shiver when I read that (I know, I’m wierd that way – it’s what happens when I read or hear a life changing truth.)

Think about it.
Food will always be there. No danger of extinction.
How differently would we think and eat if we truly and deeply remembered that?


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