Who says you can’t stick to your eating plan when you’re travelling?


I’m off to sunny California today!
It’s the annual Mastermind gathering of my people at The Life Coach school,
where I’m proud to be alumnus and faculty.

Problem is, it’s also the last day of my 2 week juice cleanse.
Well, a few years ago, it would have been a problem.
Today it’s a challenge.
I’ve decided to approach this cleanse with the intention of exploring commitment.

I committed to a two week cleanse.
This word ‘commitment’ used to be a scary word for me.
These days, I’m playing with it being exciting.
A challenge.

A few years ago, my travel plans would have been a perfect reason excuse to end my cleanse a day early.
I’ve completed 90% of it, got the benefits – “clear mind, lost some of the pounds I’d gained recently, figured out what I was hiding from, rediscovered my connection to my hunger signals, and re-ignited my passion for all things green and alive – well done to me” I would have thought.
And all of this would have been true.
A day really makes little difference at this point.

I made a commitment to myself to juice for 14 days.
Not 13.

And I want to be a person who keeps commitments.
This, as my children will assure you, is an ongoing project for me.
So I’ve decided to start with myself.

How am I going to trust myself if I keep breaking my promises?

So…. I decided to view my commitment to my commitment as a fun challenge.

And I did it.
Here’s how:

green juice

Nope, that’s not my usual morning decafsoycaramelXhot latte.
That’s my venti full of fresh pressed green juice.
(Thank you Starbucks for the disposable cup).
Prep’d last night and waiting for me in the fridge.

Together with the 100ml dollar store bottles boasting green juice and raw almond milk instead of shampoo and conditioner. (Aren’t they so pretty? My ten year old wanted to steal them!)

I like being those.

This should see me well on my way to Phoenix airport,
where I haven’t yet located a juice or smoothie bar despite some searching.
I’m confident I will.

And if I don’t,
being obsessed is definitely not something I like being.
So I’ve stashed a few Greens Plus bars in my bag to tide me over until El Dorado Hills,
Where Nuggets, a short walk away from my hotel, is waiting with my green juices ready to go.
Awesome, as I’m learning, happens in the grey.

I just realized.
All those juices.
Airplane toilets.

Excuse me.
Off to buy some wipes and gloves.
Think they sell them at duty free?

Want more cleansing inspiration? Tons over here on my free cleanse call (which you register for by emailing me and putting YES! in the subject line)and even more in my six week cleanse class.


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