What’s your type of treat?

hapy birthday

I turned 49 today.
Thanks to all of you for your birthday hugs.
I truly felt them.|

Here’s my heavenly day:

Morning snuggles and cuddles in bed with various sized family members.
Drooling over my new MacBook Air.
Moksha yoga.
Lunch with one of my oldest and most loved friends, Christine –
Salads, dips, and a tiny portion of baklava.
Energy tune-up with my luminous healer.
Looooong bath.
Veggie bi bim bap at Sakura. Yum.
And I believe my hubby has something planned for me after which should take me to the end of the night…… and perhaps into the morning…..

Contrast this with my birthday five years ago.
It was all about food.
And allowing myself to not do anything.
Using my birthday as an excuse to check out and eat everything I encountered.

This kind of thinking fascinates me now.
My clients will often tell me that they ate a lot of non-nutritious food because it was a celebration of some kind, like a birthday or anniversary.
They say it as if it’s really obvious that that is why they did it.
Kind of as obvious as “it’s Monday so I will go to work”
“It’s my birthday so I will eat every junky food I can until I feel sick”
I’m puzzled.

I want to feel alive and alert to all the magic in my life.
Especially on my birthday and other celebrations.
I can’t have that if I’m stuffed and lethargic, can you?

How is it that we use a celebration as a reason to abuse our bodies?
And then we use catastrophes as a reason to abuse them in the same way?

What if, on our birthday, we decided to celebrate by being truly, authentically, consciously true to ourselves?

What day would you pick then?

I pick the exact day I just had.


photo courtesy of Stuart Miles and FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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