How can you get what you paid for and eat what your body needs?

Buffets on my mind this week.
We talked about them with the (awesome) Weight Coach Students on Thursday.
And I talked about them with my (Super)Sexy Seasonalites yesterday.

So much to say.
So much to eat!
So many different stories.

The Sexy Seasonalite eats too little at buffets and ends up hungry.
She’s afraid she’ll look like all those gluttons that gross her out
and she thinks people will think she’s rude if she goes back for a second helping.

Ironic huh?
The only person who’s noticing how many times she goes up is her.
Everyone else is busy thinking about how many times they’ve gone up,
will still go up, should go up to make sure they’ve gotten their money’s worth!

I suggested that whatever we’re thinking about other people
is what’s really bugging us about ourselves.
She disagreed and I respect that.
What’s really important is that if we judge other people to be repulsive for eating so much at buffets, what are we telling ourselves about us when we overeat?

The Weight Coach student had a more common worry:
She typically eats too much at buffets and then feels sick after.
The reason she eats too much is she believes that she must taste it all,
because she doesn’t want to miss out.

Brooke asked her a life changing question –
The kind that brings a silence into the room
and you know you will never be the same again:
“what happens when you order from the menu at an a la carte restaurant?”
“I look at everything and pick what I think I’ll love the most. (Duh).”
Brooke: “Do you worry about everything else on the menu that you won’t be tasting?”
“No. (Duh again)”
Brooke: “Why not?”
“I didn’t pay for it.”
Brooke: “If money wasn’t an issue, would you pay $20,000 to order everything on the menu just so you wouldn’t miss out on any dishes?”
“No. (Of course not.)”

Read on to solve your buffet struggle forever (are you ready?):
“Think of the buffet display as a menu.
Look at everything on the table(s)
Choose what looks like the most amazing dish for you.
And eat that. That’s your entree.”

“But”, protested the student, “I paid to eat all I can.”
Sound familiar?

Here’s what I learned from a fellow student in my Weight Coach Training class
(she was naturally skinny and yes, we all hated her):
“I pay to be satisfied,
and when I’m no longer hungry I’ve got my money’s worth”
Did you just feel as if all the air left the room?
It’s as simple as that?
When you’re no longer hungry – that’s when you’ve gotten all the value you’re going to get from the meal.
Well then,
No point in eating any more.

Even if my plate is three quarters full,
because my stomach is ¾ full (the point at which I like to stop eating),
There is no more value at to be gotten at this party.

This means, I get to decide how much it’s worth to me, not the chef in the kitchen.
If the risotto cost $30 and I ate six spoonfuls to get to satisfied,
all that means is that each bite was worth $5 to me.
Which means I’m done.
Onto the next adventure in my life,
This one is complete.
Cheque please.


About Forever Free with Bev Aron, Certified Weight Loss Coach

I work with emotional eaters who desperately want relief from emotional eating, but can't seem to do it on their own. They know they need to eat less and move more, but can't figure out why they aren't doing it. My specialty is showing them the why and the how. I also work with parents who are worried about their children's weight. I help those parents encourage their children to have a healthy body image and a healthy relationship with food.
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