Is there ANYTHING you can’t decide to feel better about?

Found out last week that I have lice.
First, they were found on two of my daughters at school.
Then, Lina from Lice Squad came to check and de-lice the family.
It’s me and the two youngest.


The nurse, who knows nothing about life coaching or thought work said
“You’re a good mommy”
“The good mommies get lice”

What she meant was, the good mommies have lots of physical contact with their kids
(which is more life-enhancing to me than food – and that’s saying A LOT)
so they get lice, which is spread by contact.

I brightened instantly.
I was suddenly proud to have lice!

So many thoughts I could have chosen to think about this circumstance
and Lina gave me the gift of probably the only positive option there is here.

Then more flowed:
I’m so grateful I can afford to have Lina to help us through this.
So nice to have no TV in the house (we isolated the TV room as it was too hard to disinfect)
Combing out their hair is quality one on one time with each girl.

I’m not saying I love that we had lice
or that the 3 hour combing sessions aren’t stressful and exhausting
or that I didn’t yell at my husband
or that I didn’t cry because there was noone else to do it but me
or that I didn’t delay the combing sessions with cappuccino and biscotti.

I am saying that, in every moment of this, I have a choice of what to think.
And the lice situation feels a whole lot better when I’m thinking
“good mommies get lice”.

And that , my friends, is how thought work works.

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