What do you choose to love and appreciate today?

I kissed my reading glasses today.
It’s a habit I’ve developed.
Kind of embarrassing.
I kiss things I love.

Today my nephew bought me a stunning bottle of honey called “nude” –
glass bottle, raw, unrefined, golden
super eco, super trendy.
I kissed the bottle in the store.
Very embarrassing.

It started when I read a quote from Esther and Jerry Hicks, the Law of Attraction people
“feel your way, little by little,
into a greater sense of abundance,
by noticing things you already have that please you”

I loved it, and started revelling in my memory foam mattress, my lime green ipod, my baby girl’s cheeks (OK she’s 7 already but boy those cheeks are still very squishy and very yummy), and other things I have and love, but didn’t really focus on being grateful for before.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.
There’s nothing about kissing inanimate objects in this teaching.
I know.
But I can’t explain it.
Next thing I knew, I was getting so much pleasure from the small things I own
that I started to kiss them.
in my house.
not in stores.
I know.
I’ll try not to do that again.

back to the glasses.
At 47, I was one of the few people I know who didn’t need glasses for reading.
I kind of liked that, especially when my younger sister got some!
the screen has been a bit blurry
my teeny tiny needlepoint canvas has felt a bit daunting
and tonight, when my daughter asked me to undo the knot in her necklace chain (my specialty)
I couldn’t really see what to do.
I remembered the glasses I’d gotten last time I was pregnant
when I was convinced my eyesight had gone.
I tested at 20/20
but, to get rid of me, the optometrist gave me the mildest prescription lenses
and told me I would need them eventually.

Sometimes my memory wows me
and tonight, not only did I remember I had the glasses, I actually knew where they were.
Unfolded them
put them on
and wowza!! the knot was crystal clear
as is my computer monitor as I write this
and I am enormously grateful for this tiny miracle of glass and metal.

What I’m really grateful for
is that I have no resistance to the need for glasses
nor the fact that they signal that my body is aging.
Like my mattress, and my daughter’s soft squishy cheeks,
I’m immensely grateful for this body I was given
that is working exactly as it’s supposed to be working
and that looks exactly as it’s supposed to look (glass/metal prosthesis and all)
and that houses my soul and my mind
and enables me to do whatever I’m supposed to be doing.

So what if last year I could see perfectly with no assistance?
So what if last year there were no signs of tiny lines signalling wrinkles on the way?
So what if last decade my upper arms didn’t move when I did?
That was all exactly as it was supposed to be then.
And now this is exactly as it is supposed to be.

And with this belief
the only possible emotion
is gratitude
which results in abundance
leading to more gratitude
and more abundance
and with this cycle firmly in place
I’ll be the loony lady kissing inanimate objects all over the world!!!

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