At what age are your personality, habits and behaviour permanently fixed?

Whatever age you chose

You’re right

How do I know this?
Because you will create that reality for yourself in 2 ways:

  1. When you reach this age, your belief that you are now carved in stone will result in you thinking and  behaving in your habitual way even if your circumstances and opportunities change
  2. You will continually scan your environment for evidence that this is true (and you will find it)

My friend Denise has never been active or athletic or sporty.
Last year, she would have laughed at me if I had suggested we go for a run together

Six months ago, she hired a personal trainer, at the age of 44
This trainer believed that she could run
She put her on the treadmill, set it for a running speed, and told her to run for 5 minutes

Because Denise did not believe that she was too old to change,
(or maybe she was just scared of her trainer)
She started running
The trainer gradually increased her time
And she’s now running continuously for 14 minutes

She is so proud of herself

If she had believed that she was too old to become a runner
Too old to change
Too old to try something new
As many people in their forties do believe
She would never have had the wonderful experience of going running with her 11 year old daughter this weekend

She was willing to change her beliefs that
“I’ll never be a runner”
Because she did not hold the belief that
“I’m too old for this.”

Have you reached the age at which you believe you have lost your chance?
Carved in stone?
Too old to change?

Do you want to live the rest of your life based on this belief?

If not, simply add at least twenty years to the age you have chosen to believe marks you as ‘set’
(yes, this includes my seventy year old readers)

THEN look for evidence that this new number could be true
Use Denise as your evidence.

Go out and create your own evidence.

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