What are you dressed for today?

My husband and I were driving home from an appointment this morning.
I was wondering whether I’d be able to fit my workout in today
“Why not?” he asked.

I explained to him what I needed to accomplish in the hour and a half before I took my daughter to her appointment (Braceland Orthodontists – the best!!!)
After that, more pickups, more drop-offs, prepare dinner for the kids
And gussy up for a fancy event downtown with said hubby.

He looked at me sympathetically
(and admiringly, I like to think, for how much I do in a day)
“Maybe the workout won’t happen today huh?”

But then
I looked out the car
A perfect spring day
Clear blue sky, slight breeze, sun shining, birds singing.

“I don’t want to miss this beautiful day”, I said
We were just passing the ravine near our house
“Why don’t I drop you here and you can jog home through the ravine?”

“I love you” I said
“You’re a genius”
As I hopped out the car and started my jog through the gorgeous ravine.

Actually, thought I,
“I’m a genius”
As I noticed that I was wearing my workout clothes.
Even though I didn’t have a workout scheduled for today.
My higher self had intended, all along, that I was going to enjoy the gorgeous day and get some exercise.

Because the intention was set, the HOW made itself apparent to me
All I had to do was grab the moment.
It means everything else will be bit rushed
It means I’ll do my makeup on the subway tonight
(remember that childhood trick – if you look down and don’t see them they won’t see you?
it works on full subway cars too)

If I’d had to go home and change, those extra few minutes would have made my workout a nonstarter.

Tomorrow, when you’re getting dressed
Be conscious about the intention you’re setting for the day you want to create.
If baggy sweats and oversized Tshirts are your daily garb
Ask yourself if this is in alignment with your intention for your days,
which become your life.

Tonight, I intend to dazzle my husband and his associates at our fancy do.
How will I dress?
I’ll start with my slinky new python-skin stilettos, that’s for sure.

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