Can you change your feelings without changing your situation?

 I was in my kitchen yesterday
Chopping, peeling, dicing, mincing, sautéing, and slicing.
A family in my community is suffering and I had volunteered to prepare dinner for them.
I hardly know this family and don’t feel any connection to them at all.

My housekeeper is on vacation and you can’t tell the colour of my floor.
It’s covered in laundry, grocery shopping, toys, shoes and other unrecognizable objects.

I started off my cooking session very ambitiously
But once I became aware of the scope of the task
And the amount of time available
And the mounds of unfinished tasks in my home
On my one free afternoon this week
I became resentful.

I consider even one minute lived in ‘resentfulness’ to be a wasted minute of my life.
And I consider my life way too precious and exciting to waste,
So I decided to coach myself.

I traced the feeling of resentfulness to the thoughts that were causing it.
They weren’t pretty:
“I don’t even know these people”
“She won’t even thank me”
“She probably won’t even know who it’s from”
“Why didn’t I just order in for them?”
“I have so much to do.”

YUCK? I agree.

So…  my next step was to change my thinking in order to feel better.
I found a new thought:

“This family is providing me with an opportunity to practice pure giving.”
How did this thought make me feel?
Instant gratitude.
I know, I have to admit, I was dazzled by this thought!

So.. How did changing my thoughts and feelings change my afternoon?
I proceeded calmly in gratitude
For the fresh, life giving food I was working with
For this free afternoon
For the cherry blossoms outside my kitchen window
For the birds chirping outside
For the chance to send this family a delicious nutritious meal.

I doubled the recipe
Put my music on really loud
Danced and sang along as I sliced, chopped, diced, sautéed, peeled, minced, and mixed.
Got there just in time to deliver the meal to the designated spot
And got home
So grateful for the delicious nutritious meal waiting for my family.
(Wasn’t I clever to double the recipe – might not have thought of it if I’d been stuck in resentfulness?)

And that’s the power of thought work.
Did not change a thing about my afternoon
And yet it changed everything.

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