What’s your Candy?

This morning, my yoga class was preparing for savasana (final relaxation, where you lie down on your back in ‘corpse pose’ and your body integrates all it has done for the past hour and a half, otherwise known as pure bliss).
My neighbour turned to her husband and said “this is the candy”.
Can you imagine!
What a concept!
Relaxation at the end of a challenging yoga class is the ultimate treat, and one you totally deserve.
For showing up.
For doing what it takes.
For being alert and yielding at the same time.
It’s the candy!!!!
Susan, where have you been all my yogic life?? I love you!!!

As you can imagine, instead of lying with a still, quiet mind,
My mind was running away with the idea of non-candy being candy!!!

Martha Beck, the acronym queen, offers the concept of a SIN (Substituting Inedible Nourishment) to quell our candy cravings. It’s cute.
But I prefer calling it what it is.
The Candy.
When it isn’t candy. But feels like candy. Minus calories and sugar and guilt.

So, I got to thinking how many times a day we miss the Candy moments.
Because we’re so busy thinking about how much candy we’ve eaten today and yesterday, and how much we’ll eat later as soon as we can disconnect from our adult selves and pretend we deserve it, or pretend we aren’t eating it, until we wake up from our stupor and dig ourselves out from under all the wrappers…
Sound familiar?

What if….
We remain aware, connected. Present.
To all the Candy moments
That don’t involve candy.

Here’s my challenge to you:
Just for today
Commit to noticing
All those moments that fill you, reward you, and make you feel loved and cherished.
Candy moments
Without the candy.

During savasana, I decided to take this challenge on for the rest of the day.
Here’s what filled me today:
Hugs from my children
A quiet conversation with my husband
A bubble bath with a great new book
My teenage daughter pulling up a chair to chat while I bathed
Green grass peeking out from under the snow
The sound of my children playing with each other (in another room!)
My old, perfectly worn in flannel pyjamas

Notice if finding your Candy moments reduces your craving for candy?
Personally, for me, candy can’t come close to a hug from my babies.

And then, ask yourself how many of these Candy moments you have missed in your life
Because of your obsession with real candy (present or lacking).

Post your candy moments in the comments section below. Let’s inspire each other!

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