What are you missing out on because you think you can’t do it?

Beach volleyball tonight
But I am the worst sportswoman alive.
Need proof?
High school phys ed. class: the 2 team captains are my 2 best friends.
I’m still picked last. Every week. Of every year.
I haven’t touched a ball since.

But tonight my husband wants me to join him and some friends at a casual game.
I say no.
He’s disappointed.
I explain why.
He’s understanding.
And disappointed.

And then “FLASHBULB” I remember that I’m a coach and I know how to manage my thoughts!
I decide to think
‘Maybe I can do this’
I also try out
‘I’m willing to suck at beach volley ball because I want to connect with my husband and his friends’
Lastly I offer myself
‘Maybe it will be fun’

All of those thoughts took me from tight. And resistant. And guilty
To… loose and light and open

And guess what?
All my thoughts came true, as they usually do.

We create our own reality.
Every time.
We seek to provide evidence for our thoughts with our actions.
So our result ends up proving our originating thought.

Tonight I proved that:
* Maybe I could do this one day (but today wasn’t the day, although my sweet husband assures me I made 2 saves and my last serve very nearly went over the net!)
* I was willing to suck (and I did!)
* I wanted to connect with my husband and his friends, and I definitely did

I love having the tools to turn a situation where I am missing out because of my limiting thoughts, into an opportunity to use the power of my conscious thinking to open myself to a new experience.

Imagine if I’d known this skill at high school?
Maybe one of my best friends would have picked me.
If I hadn’t been hiding in the shadows thinking (and proving) “no one ever picks me”.

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