How can I have the best holiday ever and not gain weight?

Yes you can.
I’ll teach you how.
It’s very simple.
Decide that you are in control. Of your thoughts. Of your feelings. And of what you eat.

4 tools from 4 brilliant writers:
1. Ask yourself this primary question every morning: “How can I have the best holiday ever and not gain weight?” The question shifts the focus to having a great time rather than worrying about what you’ll eat. Primary questions (thanks Tony Robbins) enable you to determine the flavour of your day.
2. Decide that you will eat according to your internal hunger signals, no matter what. Your host is watching what you eat. Check in – hungry? Enjoy it. Not hungry? “It looks delicious and I’m so full I couldn’t eat another bite”. Your favourite dessert. Check in – hungry? Enjoy it. Not hungry? Remind yourself of your goal, think about how you’ll feel after, and pass. Brooke Castillo gives us permission to express our appreciation with words.
3. Never let yourself get too hungry, especially before a party. Geneen Roth reminds us that for every starvation there is an equal and opposite binge.
4. Aim to eat whatever you truly enjoy and to truly enjoy whatever you eat. Martha Beck gives us this seemingly simple goal, which will result in effortless weight loss. Don’t ever eat anything you don’t love. Whatever you’re eating, stop as soon as you stop loving it.

Here’s how it works:
I’m on a road trip with my family. My primary question is: “how can I be really connected with my family and feel great at the same time?” For me, feeling great includes feeling light and energetic, and that excludes eating heavy starchy foods, and exercising. But I’m on the road, and my eating and workout options are limited. Also, we stop according to the collective hunger signals of the family, which may not correspond with mine.

No problem. No worries about putting on weight. I know I won’t.

I bring fresh fruits and veggies in the car, protein bars and homemade trail mix (raw sunflower and pumpkin seeds, dried cherries, raisins, dark choc chips YUM). I know I always have foods I love to eat.

If I’m hungry before we’re about to stop, I eat in the car. I never wait. That would risk getting irritable with my family, and overeating when we do stop. My primary question reminds me that if I allowed that to happen I wouldn’t feel great. If I’m not hungry at the restaurant, I don’t eat. I focus on the first part of the question: I connect, laugh, joke, and have the best time.

At every stop, there’s a unique specialty advertised on the table. If I let external circumstances control my behaviour, I would say “I couldn’t help it, I will never be here again, and I had to try it”. Instead, I’m honest with myself. So what if I never taste the freshlybakedwarmapplepiewithcaramelfillingandhomemadepumpkinicecream? Good question: so what? So I’ll feel great, I’ll have had a great time with my family, AND I’ll have proved to myself that I eat only according to my inner signals, and never let external signals control me.

There’s always opportunities to move. I just did a “gym class” led by my six year old daughter in the parking lot of a gas station in Statesville, North Carolina. My thirteen year old daughter was horrified at how stupid I looked running and jumping across the beacons. I felt great and loved the moment of connection with my two younger girls.

So… two days into the trip. How’s it going? I’m having the best trip ever and I feel great, thank you for asking! Let me know how you had the best holiday season ever and didn’t gain weight. If you want to learn more, I have a few individual coaching spots left for January, and I will be starting 3 new group coaching sessions. Email me to reserve your spot.

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