How do you spend your family time?

Fabulous quality family time for me this week:

Monday: cardio class with my gorgeous thirteen year old daughter.
She was proud of how hard I worked.
I do.
Every time.
I’m forty six and I jumped higher and ran further than her.
(of course, she doesn’t have to try to be perfect – she’s my girl)

Tuesday:  Group Power class with my gorgeous twenty four year old niece.
I’d love to say my weights were heavier than her’s
But hey, I was there and I was pumping.
And they were heavier than the teacher’s.
But hey, who’s competing?

Yes, I see those of you who knew me up until a few years ago.
You’re shaking your heads in disbelief.
You’re checking your eyesight to make sure you’re reading accurately.

See, that same daughter, before she could speak in full sentences, she recognized every Starbucks sign in the city.
Of course, she’d been to them all with her mom.
It was ‘quality family time’.
We’d take books, toys, and cuddle while we sipped and snacked.
By the time she was four, she was a regular at the trendy restaurants in our neighbourhood.
We’d bring workbooks, colouring, board games, and play while we dined and drank
It was ‘quality family time’.

Now quality time with mom is a bike ride, walk, or exercise class.
Fun time with the whole family may involve tag in the backyard, or a dance party in the   living room.
If the little ones are practicing handstands or dance moves, I’m in there with them.
Curtains are drawn.
I’m so so uncoordinated and can’t keep a beat.
We end up laughing more than we move.
But hey, it sure beats sitting on the sidelines cheering like I used to do.

Of course, if the ride is long or strenuous, there’s often a Starbucks at the halfway mark.
That gorgeous thirteen year old?
She is a teenager after all, and her mom will do anything for some quality time with her.

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